The 8 Characteristics of Shurin College of Foreign Languages

Small-class education system and practical curriculum for beginners to experienced students

We offer curriculum for beginners to experienced students based on their ability. Moreover, we form classes with the optimal number of students for language education.


Instructors with a wealth of experience give thorough education

Non-Japanese instructors who have experience as interpreters and translators take the lead role in our thorough education.


Instruct for preparing for a variety of certification examinations, including the National Interpreter Guide Exam

We create a curriculum and instruct thoroughly to prepared students for a variety of certification examinations, including the Licensed Guide Exam. In addition, we also offer classes for exams such as the Secretarial Skill Proficiency Test and Business Examination, which prepare the student for business situations.

Support student life with a counselling system and a Homeroom System.

To make communication smooth between students and instructors, we introduced Homeroom System. Further, counselors offer counseling about studies, life, and job hunting.

Full offering of scholarships

From the Japan Services Student Association scholarships to a variety of other scholarships, we also offer our own independent scholarship, the Founder Kim Hee Su Scholarship. Students with excellent grades may be qualified for other scholarships such as the Chairman’s award and the President’s Award as well.


Help from a dedicated counselor for job hunting

A dedicated counselor with rich experience in the field supports students in job hunting from an early stage. Schedules are created every year, and we support students with job hunting seminars, individual counseling and instruction, and mock interviews to relieve any worries.


By communicating with Korean, Chinese, and Vietnamese study abroad students, you can experience a different culture first hand.

The Japanese-Korean and Japanese-Chinese Translation Department, Information Business Communication Department and Japanese Department have many study abroad students from Korea, China, and Vietnam. If you interact with them through classes and sports competitions, etc., you will naturally increase your language ability and experience another culture more closely.

Completely equipped with pleasant residence halls

Our school maintains pleasant residence halls so that students may have full student life here.
The residence halls are owned by this school so students can move in reassured. Those coming to Tokyo for explanatory seminars and entrance examinations can try out the residence halls for one night.