Absolutely get a job in Japan!
Acquiring business skills in Japan
Qualification such as N1.

Teacher’s Message

Graduated from Yanbian University
Graduate School of Cultural Science, Saitama University
Japanese Studies Completed Doctoral Program

Cai Umebana Sensei

I have the same experience of studying abroad as you. We will make full use of our study abroad experience to support the dreams of each international student. International students who want to improve their Japanese skills for employment should study together at Shubayashi and work hard together. If you don’t give up, your dream will come true.

Characteristics and qualifications aimed at


The Japanese business course is enriched with Japanese and business subjects.
For Japanese language courses, we aim to pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test 1st grade, and acquire the Japanese language ability for employment.
●Japanese exercise 1-8, newspaper/business magazine subscription exercise 1.2, business conversation 1-3, Japanese language proficiency test 1-2
Business subjects include “business etiquette”, “information processing”, “business English”, “hotel business practice test measures” required for employment.
It is a curriculum for learning the knowledge required in the field of business.
● Business knowledge 1.2, business etiquette, business English, information processing 1.2, career design, job hunting, bookkeeping, hotel business practice certification measures

Lesson introduction

Class introduction

Practice Japanese

We will develop the Japanese language skills necessary for employment.

Japanese circumstances

Learn about Japan’s geography, history and culture.

Business knowledge

You can study business knowledge and qualifications necessary for employment.

Job hunting measures

We firmly support employment.


1st year 2nd year
Course name Course name Course name Course name
Japanese exercise 1 Business knowledge 1 Japanese practice 5 Business knowledge 2
Japanese practice 2 Business manners Japanese exercise 6 Business English
Japanese Exercise 3 Career design Japanese practice 7 Job hunting
Japanese Exercise 4 Information processing 1 Japanese practice 8 Information processing 2
Newspaper/Business Magazine Subscription Exercise 1 Hotel Business Practice Examination Measures Newspaper/Business Magazine Subscription Exercise 2 Bookkeeping
Business conversation 1-2 Japanese circumstances Business conversation 3
Japanese Language Proficiency Test Preparation 1 Japanese Language Proficiency Test Preparation 2


Month Fire water tree gold
Japanese practice 1 Japanese Exercise 4 Hotel Business Practice Examination Measures Information processing 1
Japanese Exercise 3 Japanese Exercise 2 Business knowledge 1 Newspaper/Business Magazine Subscription Exercise 1 Business conversation 2
Business conversation 1 Japanese Language Proficiency Test Preparation 1 Before) Business etiquette After) Career design Japanese circumstances

Target qualification

  • Hotel Business Practice Test
  • Business ability test Level 3
  • MOS (Word, Excel)
  • Japanese Language Proficiency Test N1
  • BJT Japanese Proficiency Test

Details of class contents *Under construction

Details of class contents *Reference for 2020


Voice of current students

Youn Changqi (China)

The teachers are very supportive,
With a wealth of knowledge, employment guidance is also substantial.

The teachers will support us for our international students. The teachers know everything like “Baidu” in China and the class is fun. You can study the knowledge necessary for employment such as rich Japanese expressions and culture, business etiquette. I think that I came to Shubayashi and my Japanese level improved. Let’s study together at Shubayashi who are looking for a job.

Young Rei Liang (China)

A Japanese business course where you can interact with people from various countries
It’s a fun way to interact and study.

I chose a Japanese business course where I could interact with people from various countries. There are Vietnamese people in the class, so it’s fun to communicate in different cultures. Teachers are kind and easy to understand, so you can study with peace of mind. Among the abundant subjects, there are classes for acquiring qualifications such as business certification measures, and I passed N2 in December. You can also learn about Japanese history and culture.

NGO THI LIEN (Vietnam)

You can study Korean and Chinese in addition to business subjects,
Classmates are also learning “Vietnamese”. That’s why it’s also useful for interacting with your classmates!

After graduating from Japanese language school, I wanted to study Japanese more deeply, so I chose the Japanese Business Course. It’s been a year since I entered the university, and I thank the teachers for their enthusiastic guidance. In Shubayashi, I can study Korean, Chinese, Business English, etc. in addition to specializing in business, so it is a lot of fun. You can rest assured that your job hunting will be well supported.


Passing the JLPT and getting a job
Study hard and make your dreams come true!

I am studying in a Japanese business course. I was really happy to pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test N2 8 months after I entered the school. I am grateful to the teachers who taught me so hard.
I worked hard and passed the exam, so I will do my best to find a job and make my dream come true.
Let’s do our best together at Shubayashi.

Course after graduation
■ Employment…Manufacturing/restaurant personnel departments, school affairs, dispatch translation, real estate, tourism/hotels, airports, Japanese-affiliated companies in their home countries
■Proceeding… Japanese universities/graduate schools/vocational schools



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