We support you fully from entrance to graduation
Staff are there to help so students can enjoy their student life even more

Main Support Services

  • Exams for various certifications
  • Advice about living in Japan, job-hunting, and advanced education
  • Advising about the student residence halls
  • Individual counseling
  • Introduction of the area
  • Part-time work information

Certification Support

Thorough instruction in classes, a friendly environment outside of class where it is easy to ask questions and get further instruction, scholarships unique to Shurin

Certification exams that qualify for scholarships and related courses

  • National Interpreter Guide Exam 2nd Course: foreign language, Japanese geography & history and interpretation
  • Business exam: preparation for Business Exam and Business Manners Exam
  • Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK): Test of Proficiency in Korean Preparation 1 etc.
  • Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT): Japanese Language Proficiency Test 1, 2, and 3, etc.

At Shurin, instructors who have worked in a variety of fields have produced many students who have passed a wide range of national qualification exams via many kinds of exam preparation classes.
In addition, we also offer scholarships depending on grades.

Job-hunting Support

Seminars in school as well as other support including inviting job-hunting professionals to help students solidly from an early stage.

Seminars in School

  • Orientation “About employment”
  • Orientation “Point of View for Corporate Analysis”
  • ndustry research · Corporate research “Industry type / occupation type”
  • How to find a company “Where you can get a company introduction”
  • Self-analysis “How to speak, how to write, how to sell about yourself”
  • Create resume “How to sell, learning about Keigo”
  • Business politeness · Interview guidance ” learning about Keigo, communication skills”
  • Interview instruction / non-face-to-face communication “Communication skills”
  • Guidance / guidance after a job offer

We start supporting from the first year. We support job-hunting in steps, from analyzing corporations and oneself to the interviewing with corporations stage.

Supporting your path forward

We have a homeroom system with individual counseling and you can also consult about what to do after you graduate and switching into a 3rd year of one of our sister Korean universities.

Individual Counseling

In individual counseling, instructors spend time on each student just after they have entered the school to help with their future, worries about living alone, working part time, etc. Consulting is held several times a year and we offer advice at that time.
Offering ad hoc counseling as well as regular counseling is another characteristic of Shurin.
After graduation, students who want to keep learning can choose to continue not only in Japan but also from a selection of universities in Korea, which broadens the possibilities of their future.


Realize your dream surely by gaining certification, working towards your dream one step at a time

  • Test of Proficiency in Korean Level 1~6(Korea Foundation for Education)
  • The Korean Language Proficiency Test Level 1~5(The Korean Language Proficiency Test Association)
  • Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, National Interpreter Guide Exam (Japan National Tourism Organization)
  • HSK<漢語水平考試 (Hànyǔ Shuǐpíng Kǎoshì)> Level 1~8(National Chinese Hànyǔ Shuǐpíng Kǎoshì Committee)
  • TQE(Translator Qualifying Examination)Level 1~5(SunFlare Academy)
  • Business Ability Examination Level 1~3(supported by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)
  • Secretarial Skills Test Level 1~3(supported by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)
  • The Proficiency Test in Trading Business Senior Trade Professional ~ Trade Professional(Japan Trading Business Association)

More than 97% of students studying Korean have passed further than level 4 of Test of Proficiency in Korean and level 2 of The Korean Language Proficiency Test.

Voices from our passing students

Passed level 6 of TOPIK

Kanae Kitagawa(From Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan)

Passed level 6 of TOPIK by increasing her actual skill and understanding in classes and through review!

I consulted about my future many times with my homeroom teacher. Thanks to my teacher, my Korean improved rapidly and I became skilled. My life at school was fun and I had valuable experiences. Because of my hard work, I could realize my dream of getting into university. I am glad I entered Shurin. I hope you all do not give up on your dreams and work hard too. I will work hard for my own future from here forward.

Passed Business Ability Examination Level 3

LIU RUBIN(From Shandong, China)

I challenged myself at this exam for my future business!!

I felt that I had to acquire the basics of business to become a full member of society, so I started studying for the Business Ability Examination. I also took the class Business Ability Examination Level 3. In class, the teacher explained about problems in the business scene and I was even more interested in the exam. After I finished studying for level 3, my teacher told me how to study for level 2. I am grateful.

Passed level 4 of TOPIK

Shiori Nanami(From Shizuoka, Japan)

She passed by conquering vocabulary, past questions and practical classes!!

For TOPIK, I studied by writing vocabulary I did not know onto cards. Also, in class they have us practice practically for the test preparation just before the TOPIK is given. I increasingly understood more vocabulary the more problems I solved, my points rose and I felt the results of my studies. Writing was particularly hard but it was very helpful that the teacher corrected and graded my work.

Guidance about Job-hunting

We give detailed guidance for your desired career.

Counseling for job-hunting is held as necessary.
We offer individualized job-hunting guidance, in which we value the desires and the individuality of the student and help them make their goals for the future clear.

Major Employers


Korean Broadcasting System(KBS), Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation(MBC), Seoul Sinmun,Shinsekai Shinbun,One Korea Daily News, Tokokosen Corporation,China Stone Corporation, Western Sunshine, etc.
In Japan

In Japan

Korea Gyeongsangnam-do Tokyo office, Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) Tokyo Office, Japan Duty Free Shops (Haneda Airport), Toubu Kanko, Haneda Airport, Korean Cultural Center, Musashino City Hall ,KNTV, MISSHA JAPAN INC., Korean Airlines, Asiana Airlines Tokyo Office, Cathay Pacific, Visit Korea Tokyo Office, Shinsegae Tokyo Corporation, Dongwha Duty Free Shops Tokyo Office,日中平和観光(株),HANA TOUR JAPAN, Yusen Logistics,Korea Electric Power Corporation Tokyo office, Samsung Japan Corporation,LG JAPAN,KDDI,ハンキョレ新聞教育社, Sojitz Corporation, Eisan, RINGSTONE Co;Ltd, Aoyama Trading, Impulse Japan (Translation Agency),Nitto Chemical Industry Co., ShinbeeJapan,CJ E&M,James Trans, Tohgashi,Badan General Trading Co.,Futues Inc.,HINTS JAPAN,Jetix,BSJ,Jakonet,Houan Temple Social Division,Chihiro Commercial corporation, Leopalace21 Corporation,Asahi material Co,News Service Nikkei, Korean Shopping Mall(Z-works),Hanuri (Traditional Korean Cooking), SoseiWorld, Emcom Holdings Co., Ltd., Hewlett-Packard in China, a-cros, PGS Home, meiten, Nihon Teion Kikaku Co, Meisei Corporation, Nissin Trading Co., S.N.B Co., LTD, (有)ハラ・パテント・トランスレーション, Tsuruwa Co., Ltd., IBS Japan, Plus One, GMO Gamepot Inc., Kyoritsu Group, Daikoku Co., Ltd. Etc.

And many other employers and work including, video translation companies, interpreting companies, Korean IT companies, Korean cellphone and telephone companies, trading companies, Japanese schools, publishers, distribution companies, industrial companies, hospitals, legal work, and entrepreneurial and management work.

Further Education Guidance

We guide you based on your dreams and qualities

We guide you based on your dreams and qualities
Your homeroom teacher can give guidance on further education at any time. While we consider your future dreams and creating a map for your future goals, we help you set certain goals and aim to pass important exams.

Major Further Education Organizations

Shurin Students will dream even broader, to connect Japan, Korea, China, and Vietnam.


Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, University of Seoul, Dong-eui University, Silla University and many more


Tokyo University, Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo Gakugei University, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Yokohama National University, Kyushu University, Chiba University, Nagoya City University, Saitama University, Waseda University, Tokyo University of Science, Rikkyo University, Meiji University, Gakushuin University, Shibaura Institute of Technology, Aoyama Gakuin University, Chuo University, Nihon University, Senshu University, Komazawa University, Tama University, Daito Bunka University, Tokai University, Asia University, Kokushikan University, Takushoku University, Taisho University, Meikai University, Shobi University, Tokyo University and Graduate School of Social Welfare, Chuo College of Technology, Japan Electronics College, Yomiuri College Of Car Mechanic, Fukui Medical Welfare College, and many other universities, graduate schools and professional schools

Comments from Graduates

Graduate of Japanese-Korean Interpretation and Translation Department
Transferred to Dong-eui University, Korea as a third-year student

Natsuno Sasame(From Chiba Prefecture, Japan)

In the beginner class, it is very understandable because they teach you from the basics. In the Comparison of Japanese and Korean Culture class I had the chance to make friends with the Korean students. In the class, instructors with experience studying abroad who are proficient at Korean and Korean-nationality instructors explained understandably to us so we could learn Korean very thoroughly and I was able to enter Dong-eui University as a third-year student.

Graduate of Japanese-Korean Interpretation and Translation Department
DIGITAL Hearts Co., Ltd.

KIM JI HOON(From Seoul, Korea)

At Shurin College of Foreign Language, I learned not only professional translation skills but also how to communicate in society by interacting with students from a variety of countries in a multinational environment. In terms of job-hunting as well, the teachers taught me patiently and in detail, so I could get my current job.
I am doing my best every day, using the knowledge and experience I gained at Shurin even now.

Graduate of Japanese-Chinese Interpretation and Translation Department
Mercury INC.

LIN CAI PING(From Fujian Prefecture, China)

My two years at Shurin College of Foreign Language were a valuable time for me to improve myself. In terms of learning, I could overcome my weak points because teachers helped each student individually. Regarding job-hunting, my job-hunting teacher supported me so I could get my current job. I am grateful for my teachers at Shurin College of Foreign Language who helped me so kindly.

Graduate of Japanese-Chinese Interpretation and Translation Department
ransferred to Meikai University, Department of Japanese as a third-year student

HE XIAO FENG(From Hunan Prefecture, China)

The two years at Shurin really made me grow and were very important for me, who came there unexperienced.
I was lost about what to study before I graduated, but I chose Shurin. In my studies at Shurin, my interest in Japanese culture and language deepened and my Japanese also improved.
As a result, my goals became clear and I could transfer into Meikai University’s Department of Japanese. I am grateful for my teachers.

Graduate of Information Business Communication Department
Advanced to Meikai University Graduate School of Economics Master’s Degree Program

Thi Tho Tran(From Thái Bình Province, Vietnam)

I had a lot of fun studying at Shurin’s Japanese-Vietnamese Interpretation and Translation course. I did not just simply study Japanese, I also learned about things regarding business as well as about Japanese culture and practices. The teachers are very skilled so every day was fun. My goal was to move on to graduate school and learn about Japan’s cutting-edge principles, so I am very happy that this was realized. Let’s all work hard for our futures with the guidance of our teachers.

Graduate of Information Business Communication Department
Matsudo International School

LA THI BICH NGOC(From Phú Thọ Province, Vietnam)

After entering Shurin College of Foreign Language, I decided that I wanted to be a Japanese-Vietnamese interpreter and translator. To make this dream happen, I spent all my time studying, so I was eventually able to understand Japanese and Japanese culture.
I studied for two years at Shurin, where the teachers taught me passionately and I was able to pass the JLPT N2 and get a job at a Japanese school. I am glad I entered Shurin. Please study at Shurin and realize your dreams too.