Beginner Korean for international students
Challenge business skills and various qualifications!

Characteristics and qualifications aimed at
The Korean Business Course is a course for business people and those who want to play an active role in Korea. Even if you don’t understand Korean, you can learn from an introduction, and learn fun and practical Korean such as K-POP, drama, and business Korean. Aiming for the Korean Language Proficiency Test Level 4.
●Basic Korean I/II, Intermediate Korean I/II, Business Korean Conversation, Korean Proficiency Test

Develop the Japanese language skills required for employment. You will study Japanese expressions used in classes and business situations where you can master advanced Japanese. Aiming for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 1 and 2 and business ability test.
●Japanese 1-6, Japanese Language Proficiency Test I/II, Business Japanese, Hotel Business Practical Examination

Learn the skills needed for job hunting. Students will learn skills such as how to write resumes and self-promotion sentences and business etiquette so that they can be immediately applied to job hunting. In addition, you will study Japanese and Korean current affairs, latest information, cultural differences, etc. as knowledge useful for business and cross-cultural communication.
●Information processing, job hunting, career design, current affairs translation, Japanese/Korean circumstances


1st year 2nd year
Basic Korean I-Introduction Japanese 1 Intermediate Korean I Japanese 4
Basic Korean Ⅱ Japanese 2 Intermediate Korean II Japanese 5
Business Korean conversation 1 Japanese 3 Business Korean Conversation II Japanese 6
Korean Proficiency Test I JLPT measures Ⅰ Korean Proficiency Test II JLPT measures Ⅱ
Japan-Korea situation Business ability test I Business English Business Ability Test II
Career design Introduction to Chinese Job hunting Hotel Business Practice Test
Information processing I Vietnamese Bookkeeping


Month Fire water tree gold
Korean Intermediate I Japanese 5 Korean Intermediate II Business Korean Conversation Ⅱ Korean Proficiency Test II
Japanese 4 JLPT measures Ⅱ Japanese 6 Business ability test II
Business English Before) Employment measures After) Bookkeeping Hotel Business Practice Test
*This is a timetable example for the second year.
Lesson introduction

Class introduction

Japanese class

Master advanced Japanese and learn business Japanese as well.

Korean class

We will study Korean as another foreign language that can be used in business.

Business related classes

Study to acquire business-related qualifications useful for employment.

Job hunting measures

Learn the skills needed for job hunting.

Target qualification

  • Hotel Business Practice Test
  • Business ability test Level 3
  • MOS (Word, Excel)
  • BJT Japanese Proficiency Test

Details of class contents *Reference for 2020

Details of class contents *Reference for 2019


Voice of current students

Mr. Chen Xiamen (China)

Let’s see “Major Asian countries” in China and Japan
I enrolled in a Korean business course to connect!

I wanted to connect three major Asian countries, so I chose Hidebayashi and studied Korean and Japanese business knowledge for two years. My teachers and friends saved me the troubles and difficulties of studying and finding employment.
After graduating, I returned to China and my friends and experience in Japan are treasures of my life. And I want to play an active part with the knowledge that I learned in Shubayashi. Let’s do our best to become a wonderful member of society!

Course after graduation
■ Employment: Travel agencies, hotel trading companies, trading companies, etc.
■Progress…University, graduate school